Jose Mourinho has suggested that Manchester United are no longer “expected to win trophies”

May 19, 2022

Jose Mourinho claims Man Utd managers are no longer “expected to lift trophies”

He said: “I believe that the problem with Carlo Ancelotti was that when you coach Everton you are not about to win the Champions League. And with me, you know, people they saw me taking up jobs where they thought that I could win trophies but they were not jobs where we were expected to lift trophies.

“But when you have such a winning career on a cyclical basis so to speak, you can expect that, people can say that. Personally I’m not worried about this [being replaced by younger coaches]. I do not think and focus on the generations, I focus on quality.”

He continued: “It’s a matter of quality, motivation, passion. Without passion you are finished. Without pressure in the build-up to big games you are finished. I know very well myself, I know very well Carlito as well, but there are more examples that we could make.

“But we are the ones who will call it when we want to stop, and I’m afraid people will have to wait a long time before I say that it’s over!”

Mourinho added: “Sir Alex Ferguson coached Manchester United for more than 20 years I believe. I am 59 years old right now, so plus 20 years would be 79 – probably a bit too much! It would be difficult. Maybe until I’m 70.

“But I understand your question. I like it here very much. You can see it, you can feel it. I accepted a project whose profile was different to my previous ones, it was a three-year project. We will see afterwards. I will stay here for three years, I’m not even thinking about leaving earlier.

“But sometimes, with time, projects get closer to what you think and sometimes they get further away, but football is today. So now I’m here, next season I will be here, and then we’ll see what happens. This is the most honest way I have to reply to your question.”